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Hospital Care Insurance

Hospital coverage is the central pillar of a health insurance policy, as it concerns those cases where, due to an accident, illness or an emergency, you need to be hospitalized, stay in an intensive care unit or undergo surgery in Greece or abroad. You can adjust your participation and coverage limit and choose additional benefits to increase the coverage the plan provides.


Why should I insure my health?

– You have the choice at a difficult time for the best care for your child

– You don't need to save a lot of money in case something happens to you so you can invest your money and receive capital gains

- In the event of an unexpected financial incident, you will be back to how you were before.

– There are cases when the solution to a difficult time can only be found abroad


Immediate support

With simple procedures


Insurance system

Comprehensive health insurance system

Health is a priority for each of us. Since medical expenses are often unpredictable and almost always expensive, it is important for everyone to always have some form of health insurance.

If you're young and healthy, you might ignore health insurance altogether. However, this is the biggest mistake you can make.

If suddenly, for reasons beyond our control in life, you find yourself in a medical emergency and with a large amount of medical debt how will you respond?

Free choice of doctor - hospital
The insured has the freedom to choose the doctor and the hospital in which he will be treated. A private health policy will cover directly or indirectly, all or part of the costs depending on the plan chosen. Also, with a private health insurance plan, the insured can choose to be treated abroad. In case of hospitalization abroad, his policy can cover the hospitalization expenses and doctor's expenses in full or the greater part, depending on the plan chosen by the insured.

Emergencies – emergencies
Most health insurance companies allow the insured to go to a private hospital for first aid in the event of an emergency. Thus, in case of illness or accident, the insured have the possibility to go to the nearest contracted private hospital and without participation be examined by doctors on duty at the outpatient clinics. Also, if deemed necessary, diagnostic tests can be performed due to the emergency at no cost or even medical operations (eg wound suturing).

– Substantial and useful coverages
– Tailored to your own needs and financial priorities
– The procedures for insurance and renewal of your insurance policies are simple and fast
– Excellent value for money
– Fast compensation procedures without bureaucratic procedures

The amount of personal accident insurance you need depends on your lifestyle risks, age, medical history and several other factors etc. Speak to one of Trust's insurance agents about comprehensive personal accident insurance packages.

In recent years, insurance companies have evolved the insurance policies they provide to their insured, so that in addition to in-hospital coverage, they also have out-of-hospital coverage after their hospitalization. Thus, there are not a few companies that provide home care after hospitalization, coverage of equipment for home care, rehabilitation and recovery in special rehabilitation and recovery centers, psychological support, etc.

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