Creating and developing a business is a lifework and ensuring the acquis is of prime importance.

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Small Business Security

Insurance offers the confidence and assurance that whatever happens, the dynamics of business activity will not be interrupted. The key is to achieve the right combination of coverage that suits the needs of each company, regardless of size, activity and business sector.


Why do I need Business Insurance?

Every day, minor or major unexpected incidents can derail your business from your original plan or even threaten its very viability. Regardless of the industry or size of your business, insurance is the best safeguard for your investment. Feel secure in realizing your business goals knowing that the time and resources you have dedicated to building and staffing your business are protected.


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Insurance system

Complete business insurance system

The coverage of the program revolves around 4 Axes in Small and Medium Enterprises.

Property Insurance is the foundation of the program, where a comprehensive core of basic coverages is further enriched by optional options and many alternatives to coverage liability limits and participation amount. If you wish, other branches of insurance such as Liability Insurance, Money Insurance and Personal Insurance are added to it.
Property Insurance includes:
The building (building structure and its add-ons / improvements)
The content (such as equipment and commercial products within the business, materials and objects placed outdoors or under sheds)
Secondary structures (such as kiosks, fences, walls, swimming pools, signs etc.)
Some of the basic coverages given in property insurance:
Fire - Lightning & Fire from Short circuit, Explosion, Smoke, Flood, Short circuit of Electrical Installations - Electrical and Electronic Devices, Theft / Robbery, Third Party Liability & to the owner etc.
There are also optional coverages such as:
Earthquake and Landslide

It is aimed at small and medium enterprises with a total insured value of up to €1,000,000.00.
The entrepreneur has the possibility to:
▪ To insure his property for losses or damages, arising from all of them
insurance risks
▪ To ensure the smooth running of the business, providing additional coverage for a
series of consequences of material damage to the property, costs and charges (additional
expenses, loss of income, Liability coverage, personal accident of employees)

It provides reliable and comprehensive coverage to businesses
such as indicative offices, clinics, medical diagnostic centers, boarding houses, hotels, rentals
rooms, restaurants, cafes, beauty centers, gyms, retail stores.
The entrepreneur can be:
▪ Owner of a commercial or professional property who uses it himself for the insured
▪ Owner of a commercial or professional property who leases it to third parties (lessor)
▪ Tenant/Lessee of commercial property interested in insuring only its improvements
building and the content of his business
Tenants/tenants can also insure the building of the business on behalf of/
lease of the owner, provided that the policy will list the owner as
beneficiary of the compensation.

Types of businesses that belong to the following 22 categories are insured:
➢ Sports facilities
➢ Aesthetics
➢ Offices
➢ Diagnostic Centers
➢ Gyms
➢ Schools
➢ Focus
➢ Clinic
➢ Shops
➢ Shared/Shared offices - shops
➢ Hospitals
➢ Production/Processing (certain businesses)
➢ Tourist Businesses
➢ Games of Chance
➢ Entertainment/ Culture

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