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Civil Liability is defined as the obligation of the person who caused damage to a third party to restore it. The Civil Liability insurance covers the costs of defense (e.g. court costs) and/or satisfaction of the third party's claims against the insured (i.e. compensations), which are due to his actions or omissions. And because the needs of every business are different, each insurance plan we offer is separate and carefully thought out for each type of business, offering coverage for risks that may arise from its operations. By choosing the plan that best suits your own needs, you have the possibility to enrich it with additional coverages, but also the flexibility to choose the maximum insurance limits you desire.


Why should I take out Liability Insurance?

All freelancers and much more, all businesses, in the context of their operation, have important obligations and assume specific responsibilities towards employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and even towards the environment. They must cover these responsibilities with the appropriate insurance policies. 

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insurance system

Integrated Civil Liability insurance system

Depending on your Public Liability Insurance policy, coverage may vary. Below are the 4 insurance options that are specially designed for each group of businesses and freelancers.

let it cover in the event that your clients may claim compensation in the course of your professional activity. It includes the following programs:
  • Executive Liability Insurance
  • Doctors Professional Liability
  • Professional Civil Liability Technicians
  • Professional Liability of Pharmacists
  • Professional Civil Liability for Lawyers-Law Firms
  • Professional Civil Liability for Civil Engineers / Architects
  • Professional Liability Tour Operators
  • Professional Liability of Accountants-Accounting Companies
  • Professional Liability for Brokers
  • Professional Liability for Private Vehicle Technical Control Centers (IKTEO)
  • Professional Technology Corporate Liability
  • Professional Liability for Management Consultants
  • Professional Corporate Responsibility for Communication & Multimedia Companies
  • Professional Liability for Telecommunications Companies, Travel Agents, Personnel Recruitment Companies, Damage Settlement Companies, Real Estate Agencies, Educational Organizations, Translation Agencies, Businesses, Outsourcing Services.
  • Professional Liability of Paramedics Companies: (Indicative) Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Reflexologists, Social Workers, etc.
  • Professional Corporate Liability

It covers you for damages that may be caused to third parties by the operation of your business during their stay in it. It includes the following programs:

  • Liability of Tourist Units
  • Liability for Education – Tutorials
  • Liability for Gym – Sports Centers
  • Liability for Restaurants – Cafes
  • Liability of Hairdressers – Beauty Salons
  • Liability for Cinema and Theater
  • Civil Liability of Commercial Stores Civil Liability of Car Stations
  • Liability of Car Stations
  • Liability of Petrol Stations / Car Garages
  • Liability of Building Owners
  • Liability for Cleaning Works
  • Responsible for the management of public spaces
  • Event Responsibility
  • Project Liability
  • Pharmacy Liability
  • Liability for Schools
  • Liability for Diagnostic Centers & Private Hospitals
  • Liability of Diving Schools
  • Liability of Lifeguard Schools
  • Project Machinery Civil Liability (On Site or Warehouse)
  • Animal Owner Liability
  • Animal Owner Liability
  • Civil Liability of Contractors from Construction / Construction Works
  • Civil Liability of Contractors from Public Works Execution
  • Liability for the Operation and Use of DIGITAL – DRONE
  • Personal Liability

It covers you for your liability as an employer and your representatives for accidents at work, employees or workers employed in your business.

It covers whether you are a manufacturer, importer or dealer for damages that you will be obliged to pay to third parties for personal injury and / or property damage caused by the use of a defective product.

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