Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Medical civil liability refers to the obligation of the doctor providing the services to restore any damage to the patient caused during the exercise of his duties due to a medical error.

Many factors, such as new social conditions, the prominent role that medical science plays in people's lives today, social hygiene and prevention, social security, progress in the field of medical science have contributed to medical responsibility being at the center of discussions not only on a scientific level but also on a daily level. In addition, doctors are increasingly moving in a web of legal relationships and are confronted almost daily with issues related to their professional liability, risking being held responsible for an act or omission and being held accountable before the judicial authorities.


Why do I need Doctor Professional Liability Insurance?

If you own a boat, it makes sense to protect yourself against unexpected expenses with boat insurance. That's because accidents can be costly – especially when you're at fault. If your boat is involved in an accident you caused, you will not only have the cost of repairing your own boat but you will have to pay for damages to other boats and possibly the costs of the marine pollution you caused.


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Insurance system

Complete system of professional liability insurance

▪ Vascular surgery
▪ Hematology
▪ Radiodiagnosis
▪ Radiology (with possibility of specialization in "Interventional Radiology")
▪ Radiotherapy – Oncology
▪ Allergology
▪ Anesthesiology (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine" and "Intensive Treatment")
▪ Gastroenterology
▪ Genetic Medicine
▪ General Medicine (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine")
▪ Dermatology – Venereology
▪ Endocrinology
▪ Medical Biopathology (Microbiology) (with possibility of specialization in "Clinical Microbiology")
▪ Occupational Medicine
▪ Cardiology (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine" and "Intensive Treatment")
▪ Social Medicine
▪ Cytology
▪ Obstetrics and Gynecology
▪ Neurology
▪ Neurosurgery
▪ Nephrology (with possibility of specialization in "Intensive Care")
▪ Orthopedics (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine")
▪ Urology
▪ Ophthalmology
▪ Pathology (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine", "Infectious Diseases", "Intensive
Treatment', 'Diabetes')
▪ Pathological Anatomy
▪ Pathological Oncology
▪ Pediatrics (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine", "Infectious Diseases", "Intensive
Treatment", "Diabetes", "Neonatal Intensive Care M.E.N.N)
▪ Child psychiatry
▪ Pulmonology – Tuberculosis (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine", "Intensive
▪ Nuclear Medicine
▪ Rheumatology
▪ Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
▪ Natural Medicine and Rehabilitation
▪ Surgery (General) (with possibility of specialization in "Emergency Medicine", "Intensive Treatment")
▪ Thoracic (and Cardiac) Surgery
▪ Pediatric Surgery (with possibility of specialization in "Intensive Care")
▪ Psychiatry
▪ Otolaryngology
▪ Dentist
▪ Orthodontist

With this coverage an insurance company is obliged to pay to the Insured the amounts that he becomes liable, as a civilly responsible according to the law, to pay, as compensation to a third party for any written claim of a third party, as legal compensation for bodily injury, death and / or material damage including non-pecuniary damage / mental suffering. A necessary condition for the above is that they are derived from a covered event, they have been occurred during the insurance policy and are due to acts or omissions of the Insured, which are directly and exclusively related to the exercise of his professional activity as defined by his specialty.
In addition, the Company will compensate the Insured Doctor for the amounts of money that he is legally required to pay as compensation for claims due to:
– Bodily injuries or death caused by the Insured during the provision of first aid in an emergency situation, beyond his specialty.
– Use of x-ray machines for diagnostic purposes.
Use of machines for diathermy and electrotherapy. It is clarified that this extension is valid for doctors.
- Performing minor surgeries in outpatient clinics, even if the professional activity declared and mentioned in the insurance policy does not provide for the performance of surgeries.
– Use of ionizing radiation
– Radiation therapy (electromagnetic radiation which is carried out by a linear accelerator or a cobalt machine and/or particle radiation) in the context of the specialty of the Radiation Therapist Oncologist and Radiodiagnostic physician.
– In the event that the insured maintains a legal private practice in his own name and performs his duties there as well, the coverage is extended to include bodily injury and/or material damage as a result of an accident that may be caused to third parties, from the possession, use and in general operation of the premises and facilities of his practice
Legal Expenses (e.g. attorneys' fees, court costs) pro rata interest, expert fees
appointed by the Company, are included in the Company's liability limit stated in the Table
The Company's liability limit also includes legal support and court costs
expenses, up to the amount of €10,000 for the defense of the insured in criminal courts,
arising from a covered event of this professional liability, for negligence

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