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Project Construction Safety

It is known that the great concerns and responsibilities of the Contractor - Builder are not limited to the usual obligations - "frictions" with the Public Services (Urban Planning, IKA), the Subcontractors, the Suppliers or with the Employer - Owner of the Project. They are wider and inevitably accompany his construction-business activity. They are related to risks of damage - failures in the construction project as well as accidents to Third Parties or to the employed technical staff. There are many cases where Engineers, Contractors - Manufacturers paid dearly the price of the accidental damaging event, human error, "bad time",...

Why do I need Project Construction Insurance?

Insurance programs against all technical risks are complete programs for owners or contractors and concern the erection of buildings. They ensure the protection of construction works of any kind both for unexpected and sudden damages that may occur during erection and / or construction, as well as for claims arising from third parties due to personal injuries and / or material damage that may occur due to construction works of the project


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All categories of boats such as Small boats (speed up to 17 knots), Speedboats (speed over 17 knots), Motor Boats, YACHT, MEGA YACHT, Sailing boats, Laser Optimist, watersport activities, Jet ski. According to law 4256/2014 include:

  • Liability for Personal Injuries and/or Death of occupants and third parties by accident and cumulatively for the entire duration of insurance up to € 500,000
  • Injuries to third parties per passenger up to € 50,000
  • Liability for Material Damages of passengers and third parties by accident and cumulatively for the entire duration of insurance up to € 150,000
  • Marine pollution – is covered solely the cost of decontaminating the marine environment per incident and cumulatively for the entire insurance period up to € 150,000.


The projects covered by the All-Construction Risk Insurance:
residential and office buildings, hospitals, schools, theaters, stadiums
factories, power stations
roads, railways, facilities, airports
bridges, dams, tunnels, water supply and sewerage systems, canals etc.

All-risk technical works programs provide extensive insurance coverage for each project.

More specifically, all risks are covered except those included in the exclusions of the Insurance Policy. This means that any physical loss or damage to the insured items due to an unforeseen and sudden event caused by a non-excluded risk is covered. The main covered risks are indicatively:
Insurance coverage Against All Risk of Contracting for each category of technical projects, each budget and for any damage that may occur to the project from: Earthquake, subsidence , landslide or rockslide, Phenomena (?), Fire, Political Risks, Malicious acts, Defective Design etc.
Ιnsurance coverage for risks that may appear in the existing constructions of the Main project, during the maintenance of the project, until its final delivery, in the mechanical or other equipment of the project.
Liability coverage against Third Parties (personal injuries and property damage) that will result from the work activity.
Additional optional coverages, such as: garbage collection in case of compensable damage.

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