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Hotel Insurance

A hotel business has three fundamentals. The first is your property/premises, the second your staff and guests, and the third is your income. Keeping these three things safe should be at the heart of a hotel insurance policy


Why do I need Hotel Insurance?

The number of rooms, turnovers, number of staff, food served), type of building, events hosted in your property and all other services offered affect the level of risk and consequently the level of coverage. Rental apartments insurance is specially designed to cover these risks.


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  • Third Party Liability- This will compensate you for damage, loss or injury to third parties within your business. For example, if a visitor slips on a damp floor in your reception area, you could be held liable for compensation.
  • Employer Liability - If you are planning to hire staff, you should take out employer liability insurance. That means that you will be covered if a staff member is injured while working for you.
  • Building Insurance Your property is usually your most expensive asset. Taking out building insurance will help you cover the cost of repairing damage to the structure, until complete reconstruction. You need to insure your business for the complete restructuring of the cost of your property.Make sure that within the limits of building coverage are included the auxiliary buildings such as swimming pools, pergolas, ramparts, etc.
  • Content insurance When talking about hotel contents insurance there are two aspects to consider: hotel contents insurance and guest contents insurance. For a hotel, the equivalent is furniture and its room contents. Essential items like kettles, televisions and furniture can quickly add up when multiplied by the number of rooms. It is vital to calculate these costs accurately. Inaccurate estimates will stop you being able to claim for these things to be replaced should you need them to be.It is also important to have ‘guest’s personal effects cover’, or ‘guest’s contents insurance’. Hotels can be targets for major crimes and to ensure you and your guests are secure, it is strongly advised to invest in the aforementioned policy
  • Interruption of Operation - The main depreciation loss, especially in case of a catastrophic event or even a larger-scale loss, is the loss of the company's profits from the consequent shutdown. Business interruption insurance is directly related to the insurance of the company's assets, because it covers the loss of profits only from risks covered by the respective property insurance (example: if the company's property insurance provides coverage for the earthquake, the insurance or the shutdown coverage will compensate for the loss of the company's profits that will be a consequence of the damage caused by an earthquake, while in case that earthquake coverage is not provided in the property insurance, it would not be compensated). The significance of business interruption insurance is to cover the gross profit margin of the insurance, namely the lost expected net profit and the fixed costs of the business or the increased operating costs in order to avoid a decrease in sales. Finally, the main purpose of the insurance is none but to help the company return to the financial position they would be if the loss had not occurred.
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