Electrician-hydraulic-refrigerator professional civil liability insurance

As a responsible professional you want to provide the best and most reliable services to your clients.

However, have you considered how a possible damage caused by your negligence to your client would affect your business and reputation?

Do you know your responsibilities for damage caused by the negligence of a person in your service?

Are you able to cover amounts from third party claims that may arise due to the above?

All the above questions highlight the importance and usefulness of your Professional Liability insurance. This insurance, which is mandatory for technical professions according to Greek law, provides you with valuable protection and financial support for a number of cases involving claims by third parties for bodily injury or material damage that may be caused by negligence in the course of exercise of your professional activity.


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Why do I need Professional Liability of Electricians/Plumbers/Refrigeration Technicians?
Specifically for the electrical industry, by following this link https://sehpreveza.gr/thanatoi-apo-electrical-shocks-in-greece/ you will see events from the consequences of a bad electrical installation. Beyond the publication, a classic example is after the completion of an installation of an Electrician, the Customer to make a claim for a short circuit caused "by the installation's responsibility" which caused physical injury or death from electric shock or destruction of part of his property and a question of compensation arises.
Based on PD 112/2012, Article 7 for the plumbers the insurance of civil liability is compulsory
Based on PD 108/2013, Article 12 for electricians the liability insurance is compulsory
Based on PD 1/2013, Article 8 for refrigerants, liability insurance is compulsory

The Professional Liability Insurance of Technicians covers you for compensations that your customers can claim from accidents (bodily injuries and/or material damage), which may occur through your own fault, in the context of your professional activity in Greece. In fact, it covers you for:
– Negligent acts or omissions by you or the persons you have in your service, during the execution of the works, as a builder or maintainer of the project
Optional extension coverage:
– Professional Liability from planning and supervising the work of the insured activity
– Claims related to defective product used in the project
– Employer's Liability
-Fire, explosion, short circuit
– Damage to pipelines and underground facilities

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